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purposefully bred for temperament, health, and conformation

Meet Karen & Kevin

We're the Millers, and we've owned Borzoi since 1981. We began showing in 1996, breeding our first litter in 2001. We've learned a lot about what to do, and especially what not to do over the years.

After both retiring from ninety combined years in banking, we are entirely focused on our little piece of heaven in North Central Massachusetts, Highmeadow Farm, the Borzoi, and producing enough fresh food (Napa Fresh Food for Dogs, our own local brand) to feed all of our dogs, and hundreds of neighbors' dogs. Watch our video below about the reason we started our little fresh dog food company.

We breed an occasional litter in order to preserve the breed and our bloodline. Each is carefully planned, raised in our farmhouse, with undivided attention, and the best care humanly possible, 


Our bloodlines, through recent Russian imports, are purposely varied in order to bring new blood into our breeding program for ultimate health and to adhere to the standard. Learn all about the history of the breed and the standard here. We take the happiness, health and longevity of our dogs very seriously, and breed only the best genetic specimens, while keeping lovely temperaments, ethereal beauty, conformation and movement that easily wins in the show ring. 


Read AKC's article on purpose-bred dogs.


About Puppies

Litters are purposely bred, and carefully planned.

Breeding and raising a litter of puppies is a huge, full-time commitment that we take very seriously. The dam is never left alone, nor are the puppies. By doing this we avoid accidents and are able to carefully observe the entire family.

Our litters are whelped in what was a nursery in this old farmhouse, adjacent to the master bedroom on the second floor, in a quiet corner. We practice the  Puppy Culture method for conditioning and raising the litter in order to prepare them for their new families.

And, since life at the farm must continue normally, we always get extra help in caring for the adults that live in the house, and the "luxury quarters" in the barn.

See hundreds of photos of dogs, puppies,

and our famous barn here.

And lots of videos here.


"Dogs are not our whole lives, but they make our lives whole."

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