A New Journey Begins

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Our sweet Meadow (Mikaje Majenkir August Meadow) was ready to start breeding yesterday, so she was bred to Theo (GCH Majenkir Bookstor Recurrent Theme at Mikaje) and Heir (CH Majenkir Regal Heir) once again.



This time however, Heir’s collection was fabulous, just about as good as Theo’s, so we have hopes of producing puppies from both Theo and Heir if things go well!

The beginning of every breeding journey is always a stressful and worrisome point, but there was no doubt based on all the dogs’ behavior that they were ready. Since we had to do both breedings by artificial insemination this time, it always adds to the stress. We will do the breedings again tomorrow and likely once more after that, then the rest is up to Mother Nature.

Mikaje Majenkir August Meadow "Meadow" June 2013

Mikaje Majenkir August Meadow “Meadow” June 2013

The really great news is that Heir’s sample checked under the microscope was just amazing. His progression to sperm health has been a long one! First, about a year ago, he had zero sperm, then a few sperm, then some live, some dead, then a bit more live. The last collection taken about a month ago however, was disappointing, but this time he not only gave a great collection, but it was the best we’ve seen in the past year, rivaling the great Theo!

GCH Majenkir Bookstor Recurrent Theme at Mikaje

GCH Majenkir Bookstor Recurrent Theme at Mikaje


CH Majenkir Regal Heir

What did we do differently? On the advice of our integrative vet, a totally raw diet plus Chinese herbs; on the advice of our regular vet, Glycoflex. Plus he gets lots of fresh air and exercise, lots of love and attention, and no stress. He’s a happy dog, and worth the effort. Heir is a correct, stunningly beautiful and sweet dog with the legendary temperament of the Majenkir bloodline. Kevin and I have admired him since puppyhood, first noticing his proud stance, impressive size and bone, and of course that beautiful shoulder. We are fortunate and proud to have him living at Highmeadow Farm right now.

How lucky we are to have the incredible Theo AND the amazing Heir in one place!

See Heir being shown by Justine Spears here.


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