Big Little Borzoi

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At left is the world’s best Borzoi Dad, visiting with the puppies the day before they moved to the barn.

I feel like I should confess: I haven’t written a Snippet in quite awhile (however I have posted several photos on Facebook here.), but we’ve been very, very busy. Getting the house ready for Thanksgiving and our guests, keeping up with the puppies (keeping them fed and clean), and Meadow (consoling her during the weaning process and making sure she gets enough food – she is rail thin.)

A little over one week ago Dr. Norelli came to microchip all of the puppies, so the following day we sent in the DNA samples to the AKC on all of the puppies in order to determine who the sire is. With any luck we will have puppies from each sire. We will have the results hopefully before the last week in December, when some of the puppies will be going to their new homes.

Outside the covered crates.

Even though we added the “weaning pen” to the whelping box to double the size, and the puppies immediately began to use it as their potty area, the bigger they get, the more difficult it becomes to keep up with the mess. Puppies approaching 5 weeks simply cannot be kept healthy confined to a box, no matter how big the box is. They cannot get proper exercise or keep from stepping in their own messes. They need space, freedom, and fresh air. So, we began the process of preparing the puppy quarters, stall #1, for the new litter on early Sunday morning, their 5 week birthday, hoping to have them installed in their new home by the afternoon. It was a lot more work than we anticipated because we put down an new rubber floor, and had some wall repair to do from the last litter, who became little rodents and chewed on the walls! It’s funny – some litters have no interest in chewing on the walls, some do. Hopefully this litter will prefer rawhide to walls! Kevin also had to reinstall bird proof netting to the top of the chain link panels outside in their run to thwart the efforts of any of the birds of prey we see circling over what was the farm’s orchard from time-to-time. We have seen a huge horned owl near our bird feeder waiting to pick off the little birds, and since they do like little rabbits too, and these puppies are about that size and easy to see, we take extra precautions so we don’t have to worry about it.

Inside the larger crate.

Inside the smaller crate. The foil pan is stuffed between the crates to discourage them from getting stuck between the crates.

Needless to say, it was too late to place them into their new home last night, so I brought them down this morning after turning on the heater and warming the snuggle safes. Since some of the puppies are actually sleeping outside of the airline crates covered with blankets, and the thermometer is registering 70 degrees, warmer than it was inside the nursery, they are very comfortable, sometimes spread out, basking in what feels like sunlight coming from the infrared heater on the wall. It’s a nasty rainy damp day too, and their doggie door is partially open, but they are obviously just fine. A few have ventured outside, and some have already begun doing their pottying outside – but most are still getting used to the new setup and pottying anywhere they feel like it in the stall. That will change however, as they venture outside.

Time to go to the barn and check on the new residents….more later.


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