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Today was the day – our puppies are beginning to make their way to their new homes. Their families have been waiting a long time, and are so anxious to get their new Borzoi Babies home.

Karen Staudt-Cartabona arrived at the Farm yesterday afternoon, and after a short rest, out to the barn we went to evaluate these beautiful puppies. It was very difficult, since they are all so alike! She was very happy with them, and after quite a while, we were able to begin matching families to puppies, and I called everyone last night to give them the good news. They were all thrilled and excited to say the least! Finally, their sweet puppies are coming home!

Kevin getting in on the last playtime with all the puppies.


After feeding all the dogs this morning, the puppies were vaccinated then placed in the playroom for one last time together. They happily wore themselves out, but when it was time to go back to their quarters, they cried and cried. They love being out and playing free – if the snow wasn’t so deep they’d be out “hunting” in the field for sure. That is one of my favorite things to witness – the puppies running and chasing after each other in the field for the first time.

Branson with one of his happy new family members.

So, Branson is with his new family. Lady Sybil is on her way to her new family, as is Lord Grantham. Lady Isobel is joining her new family later this week; Matthew’s new family will pick him up after New Year’s; Mr. Bates (surprise, surprise!) is staying at the Farm along with Lady Rosamund. These two puppies actually chose us, and we decided to follow their instincts and ours. That leaves two lovely ladies, Lady Mary and Lady Edith, both beautiful, classic white show girls. Sadly their would-be new owners had to cancel for good reason and will wait until next year. I will post photos of these little girls, who are now looking for their new families. If anyone is interested please let me know as soon as possible, as I don’t think they will be looking for their new families for much longer. Our priority is that they find the right family, not necessarily a show family.

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