Great Anticipation

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Paisley has gathered every stuffed toy she could find and placed them with her in her soft comfy bed in the study (my office). Paisley’s litter is due next week, likely Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday based on her ovulation date. For those that are curious about predicting the whelping date based on the ovulation date (this requires almost daily testing), here is a good article. We shall see if it holds true with this litter. The reason Paisley doesn’t look as big as one would expect her to look in her 8th week of pregnancy is that,...

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The Signs are Subtle

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I’m not sure Paisley was as happy to be with DeJay as he was to be with her again! The signs of pregnancy are subtle until the third trimester. Puppies grow very little during the first 6 weeks of gestation; the last trimester is when most of their growth occurs. Paisley is on the petite side normally,  she has not be overfed, and tends to be lean an muscled, so up until now, the only signs of pregnancy are the development of her nipples – now you can feel them in the front, but more prominently in the back. Her abdomen looks...

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So Much Happening!

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At left, Paisley & me this fall, photo lovingly taken by Karen Staudt-Cartabona. It’s been about a year since we’ve added a Snippet, and so much has gone on. Unfortunately we were unable to get any one of our girls bred last year, due to a now-identified sperm issue (that sometimes resolves over time). Boy, have I learned a lot! All of this is so very fascinating to me that we upgraded our digital microscope, learned how to identify healthy sperm and to send a video of live sperm to our veterinarians, and found a wonderful...

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A New Journey Begins

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Our sweet Meadow (Mikaje Majenkir August Meadow) was ready to start breeding yesterday, so she was bred to Theo (GCH Majenkir Bookstor Recurrent Theme at Mikaje) and Heir (CH Majenkir Regal Heir) once again.     This time however, Heir’s collection was fabulous, just about as good as Theo’s, so we have hopes of producing puppies from both Theo and Heir if things go well! The beginning of every breeding journey is always a stressful and worrisome point, but there was no doubt based on all the dogs’ behavior that they...

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Carolyn, Greg, Maggie and Polar

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Carolyn has had Maggie, a beautiful red and white girl from Gracie and Theo’s litter, since Mags was a puppy. Mags is beautiful, and she made our decision about which pups to keep from that litter a very difficult one! But, Maggie was meant to be Carolyn’s girl, and she is very happy. Then Carolyn married Greg, and it was time for Maggie to have a brother. “Matthew” from the Downton Abbey litter, now “Polar”, was meant to be with his half sister, and apparently it was love at first sight! Carolyn and Greg...

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We’re Back!

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Picture at left is “Meadow”, Mikaje Majenkir August Meadow   I know, it’s been a long time between Snippets! Our web site was hacked quite a while ago, and we just finally got it back and working normally yesterday. Things at Highmeadow Farm are good. All the dogs are happy and healthy, enjoying the cooler weather. This is the time of year when we hope for a litter, although we have actually been in the planning stages for a while this time. Meadow will be bred again and is due in season any time. She produced such a...

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Happy New Borzoi Families!

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Although it’s sad to see them go, it is equally as joyful to see them with their new families. And, yes, I cry when each one leaves, in case you were wondering. As mentioned in the previous Snippet, Branson was the first to go home to his new family in Nahant, and has a new name, “Siberius”, very fitting for this handsome young puppy. He fell asleep on the drive home, in the arms of his human brother, and is doing very well. This lucky puppy has not only a Mom & Dad, but three human siblings that plan to visit him...

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Today was the day – our puppies are beginning to make their way to their new homes. Their families have been waiting a long time, and are so anxious to get their new Borzoi Babies home. Karen Staudt-Cartabona arrived at the Farm yesterday afternoon, and after a short rest, out to the barn we went to evaluate these beautiful puppies. It was very difficult, since they are all so alike! She was very happy with them, and after quite a while, we were able to begin matching families to puppies, and I called everyone last night to give them the...

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First Snow!

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The little Borzoi love their first snow (except one)! This was a perfect morning to try out the snow – not terribly cold, and not a lot of snow. Just enough to run through and romp in, and they all loved it except Matthew, who needed a little extra cuddling before he decided it was OK to play in it. It always amazes me, and I’ve said it before, how clean the puppies are. In spite of the cold, most of the puppies do their pottying outside – lots of nice little frozen poops to pick up outside this morning, only a couple inside...

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Big Little Borzoi

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At left is the world’s best Borzoi Dad, visiting with the puppies the day before they moved to the barn. I feel like I should confess: I haven’t written a Snippet in quite awhile (however I have posted several photos on Facebook here.), but we’ve been very, very busy. Getting the house ready for Thanksgiving and our guests, keeping up with the puppies (keeping them fed and clean), and Meadow (consoling her during the weaning process and making sure she gets enough food – she is rail thin.) A little over one week ago Dr....

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