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Meadow’s Downton Abbey litter will be four weeks old in two days, on Sunday November 24. The puppies are looking like little Borzoi now! They have their teeth, are walking, hearing very well, eating solid food, playing, and enjoying human interaction very much. I am sleeping in my own bed, Meadow is sleeping in her bed on the floor, and some nights we sleep for four whole hours before Meadow feels the urge to nurse them again. We are well into the weaning process, and Meadow is spending many hours back out in her run/stall in the barn....

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Elvis has Left the Building

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Oh my! How quickly things change. Although Meadow wants to be near her puppies, she’s very hesitant to nurse them now, probably having to do with those sharp teeth. At 5am this morning, she whined to get into the whelping box, so I went in and gathered them, (which isn’t easy because once they get her scent, they go nuts!) so she could step in and lie down. No way! She looked at the screaming bunch, thought about it again, and left. I tried to appease them with warm milk but that’s really not what they had in mind. Later,...

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What’s Happening?

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So much! All eyes and ears open. Teeth. Walking much better, and using their “wee wee pads” so there is less laundry. Learning to lap up a bit of milk and gruel. SLEEPING MOST OF THE NIGHT. Humming and making all kinds of little happy puppy noises. Snuggling on my lap to take a nap in the whelping box, or napping on me while I write or watch a movie on my laptop, with lots of puppy kisses and sniffing my neck and ears (I love that!). So very soft. They listen and watch very carefully when I speak to them, and it’s becoming...

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Growing Up

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What a difference just a few days make. I’ve been waiting to write again while their eyes continue to open. Today some are about half way open, and it’s so much fun to see them look around. I can tell that they are hearing a bit also. Lady Mary was the first to open her eyes, and when I hold her and talk to her, she is paying close attention. Her photo is a little blurry because she wasn’t still, and I am not using a flash. They are also walking! They are still a little unsteady, but they are up. Even though I use towels as...

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The First Glimmer

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At left, believe it or not, is Isobel! Hard to believe that she weighed less than 10 ounces just two weeks ago and I could fit her in one hand. Now she weighs 2.5 pounds. Meadow is proving herself to be a wonderful dam.   We’ve been waiting oh-so-patiently, as we normally do, for their eyes to open, which can be anywhere between 10 days and two weeks or so. The tell-tale sign that their eyes will open any day is that the the inner corners of their eyes become very deep black, then one day, there is a tiny glimmer of light reflecting...

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Day Twelve (and The Poop on Poop)

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We are anxiously awaiting for their eyes to open so we can begin feeding them some solid food. The great news is that Isobel has caught up to her siblings, weighing in at over ¬†two pounds like at least one of her sisters. She no longer stands out as the smallest puppy. The boys are packing on the pounds also, Mr. Bates is just shy of three pounds.   OK readers, fair warning that the rest of today’s Snippet is not for the faint-hearted. Something I have not yet written about is….POOP! You can imagine how much poop nine puppies...

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So Big!

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It takes two hands now to pick them up safely. Over the next few days, their eyes should begin to open and their ears will unseal. Amazingly, even though they cannot see or hear right now, their sense of smell is working just fine. When I place them in the corner of the whelping box for a nap while I take Meadow downstairs to potty and to eat, and we return, there is no “sneaking back in”. As soon as they smell Meadow, or me, they wake up, all excited and making their happy puppy noises, ready for another meal! Even if it’s...

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Nine Days Old

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What can I say? All nine puppies are growing like weeds, as you can see, have at least doubled their birth weight, and are doing extremely well. All this time spent in the nursery with them has been worthwhile, for sure. Meadow is wanting to spend more time away now also, which is the normal course. I call this stage “love ’em and leave ’em” ! And, since we photographed them, made notes on their distinctive markings, and assigned puppy names, I am finally getting to know who they are. In spite of feeding Meadow every...

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Highmeadow Farm presents the Mikaje Borzoi Downton Abbey litter! Will the names stick? Only time will tell! Mr. Bates Lord Grantham Matthew Branson Lady Isobel Lady Mary Lady Rosamund Lady Edith Lady Sybil

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One Week Old

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OK, well, they will be one week old tonight, but, close enough. These photos were taken yesterday and today. Later this week, their eyes will begin to open, and their ears will unseal. Then they will begin to walk, albeit it very wobbly, and play! OUR WHELPING BOX I thought today that I’d write about why I like our whelping box so much. We bought our whelping box, called Dura-Whelp from about 12 years ago for our first litter. It is a godsend. First of all it is very sturdy, made of very heavy corrugated plastic, with...

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