Great Anticipation

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Paisley has gathered every stuffed toy she could find and placed them with her in her soft comfy bed in the study (my office).

Paisley’s litter is due next week, likely Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday based on her ovulation date. For those that are curious about predicting the whelping date based on the ovulation date (this requires almost daily testing), here is a good article. We shall see if it holds true with this litter.

The reason Paisley doesn’t look as big as one would expect her to look in her 8th week of pregnancy is that, according to the x-ray taken on Thursday, she is carrying just two puppies! DeJay produced 11 puppies in the past, and Paisley comes from a litter of 10, so although unexpected, it is what it is. We suspect that DeJay being diagnosed for Lyme and anaplasmosis after he was bred could possibly be to blame. Although tested over the summer and cleared, he developed these diseases sometime during the fall in all likelihood. Some veterinarians believe that Lyme disease effects fertility. These tick-borne diseases are tough. Even I was diagnosed with erlichiosis last summer and never knew I was bitten by a tick! It was awful.


Paisley, puppies due in about three days!

There is always the question of whether or not she will go into labor with such a small litter, and if she will be able to pass the puppies (if they are larger than usual), however, three Borzoi friends have assured me that they have had litters of two that whelped normally, and our vet, Dr. Norelli, didn’t think that the heads in the x-ray looked too large to pass. She is producing milk and everything else is progressing normally.

If all goes well with these two puppies we will likely try breeding her again. In the meantime her half-sister Blondie, CH Mikaje Majenkir White Mink, is due in season any time and plans are to breed her.

So, we wait with great anticipation. The nursery is all ready and Paisley is spending most of her time inside the house now. She loves the pile of blankets in her whelping box upstairs, and has hoarded every stuffed animal from every corner of the house inside the soft crate in the study.
We’ve begun taking her temperature to determine a base line, then hopefully her temperature will drop early next week.

Fingers crossed for a safe whelping!

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