Happy New Borzoi Families!

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Although it’s sad to see them go, it is equally as joyful to see them with their new families. And, yes, I cry when each one leaves, in case you were wondering.

As mentioned in the previous Snippet, Branson was the first to go home to his new family in Nahant, and has a new name, “Siberius”, very fitting for this handsome young puppy. He fell asleep on the drive home, in the arms of his human brother, and is doing very well. This lucky puppy has not only a Mom & Dad, but three human siblings that plan to visit him often!

Branson, now "Siberius", with his new human sister.

Next to leave was Lady Sybil, and Lord Grantham. Both went home with Karen Staudt-Cartabona to complete the first leg of the journey to their new families. Lady Sybil met her new family in Karen’s living room, overlooking the lake, and it was love at first sight for this family, who has been waiting a very, very long time for their new baby girl. She has joined two lovely girls as her new sisters, and of course her new Mom & Dad. Lord Grantham will join his new family on Sunday from Majenkir, and hopefully we will have more photos and stories to share..

Lady Sybil, now "Minka", meeting her family for the first time.

Lady Isobel, now Vivian, left here just a few minutes ago, and I think the photo speaks for itself: love, love, love!

It’s still very fair to say that, without question, I love my job.

Lady Isobel, now "Vivian", meeting her new Mom & Dad for the first time.


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