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At left, Paisley & me this fall, photo lovingly taken by Karen Staudt-Cartabona.

It’s been about a year since we’ve added a Snippet, and so much has gone on. Unfortunately we were unable to get any one of our girls bred last year, due to a now-identified sperm issue (that sometimes resolves over time). Boy, have I learned a lot! All of this is so very fascinating to me that we upgraded our digital microscope, learned how to identify healthy sperm and to send a video of live sperm to our veterinarians, and found a wonderful easy-to-do progesterone test that our vet likes. Using nature and science and the help and expertise of Dr. Norelli, Paisley is having puppies! This has been no easy feat!

Of course I was doubting that she was in whelp because she was showing no signs whatsoever. I tried to be patient, but at 25 days past her first breeding, which we know was timed correctly because of the progesterone test, I gently palpated her abdomen (taught by Dr. Norelli) and felt two slippery marbles side-by-side. I couldn’t wait to get to Dr. Norelli the next day to confirm, and confirm he did! We won’t know how many there really are until the x-ray the week she is due.

Paisley, Mikaje Havre de Grace O’Majenkir, is 4 years old, a beautiful red-and-white girl from Theo’s (GCH Group Placing Majenkir Bookstor Recurrent Theme at Mikaje) first litter out of Gracie (Mikaje Amazing Grace O’Majenkir, pointed). Her beautiful coloring comes from her great grandfather, the infamous “Sequoia” CH Greyhaven Sequoia. Paisley was the last puppy born to Gracie, and so small we weren’t sure she was going to make it! She was also very dark in color, with a wild grayish/redish pattern, hence her name. Born at about 8 ounces, she was kept between Gracie’s legs in the back, for the best milk supply and warmth, quickly catching up to the other puppies. Her nice shoulders and rear were apparent from the beginning, and she was very clearly a pick from that litter as she grew up. She is full of personality, energetic and happy like Theo, and loves everyone. And of course she is an excellent specimen of the breed.¬†Paisley is pointed but not yet finished; that will wait until she has had her puppies and is back in show shape.

Paisley was bred to another favorite of mine, 4 year old CH Jantar DeJa Vu at Majenkir, DeJay, bred by Rita Walker, owned by Karen Staudt-Cartabona. He is as sweet as they come, the typical Majenkir temperament that Karen Staudt-Cartabona’s line is famous for, with the classic old-fashioned look that Borzoi fanciers like me adore. Puppies are due about March 1.

While DeJay was visiting, and because Lexa, Paisley’s sister, came into heat early, we bit the bullet and bred her to DeJay also. We like to breed our girls between the ages of 2 and 5, so we took the opportunity since we got a little behind in our breeding program. We’ll find out in February whether or not Lexa will also be having puppies. If she is, we have enough time between litters to make it manageable, with a little help around the farm.

Upcoming Litter Pedigree

Next time, photos of DeJay, Paisley, and Lexa.


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