The Farm

Highmeadow Farm, formerly Maple Hill Farm, a dairy, then a fruit and vegetable farm, was built in 1795. Only five families have lived here since then, including us. In the 1950s, the dairy barn fell from disrepair and was not replaced until 2010, when we began construction of a smaller version, the barn/kennel/garage that we had been planning for over 25 years.

View from the back of the barn to the northeast, May 2012

The barn/kennel is attached to the house, enabling us to more easily care for the Borzoi in any kind of weather.¬†Inside the barn is a food prep¬†kitchen, a laundry/groom room, and a training room. There are six 8×8 pony stalls along the west side with built in dog beds and Borzoi sized dog doors. Each outside run is 8×40 with a 14 foot overhang attached to the barn.

The porch

Facing north, dog stalls on the left, training room on the right.

Food prep kitchen.

This layout enables the dogs to be where ever they are comfortable and protected in any type of weather. In the photo on the left you can see the large back door. This door opens to a huge exercise field that the dogs use every day, as long as it’s not raining.

From the back of the exercise field.

View of the back of the barn, July 2011.

The Borzoi love their new home, and so do we. We now have the room and setup to spend lots of time with the dogs no matter what it’s doing outside. And in New England, that can be anything!



August 2011

The window garden, facing east. The African Violets and Primroses love it here.

East side entry.

Beau snuck into the parlor for a nap on Christmas Day 2004.

The family room mantle, with Snowstag, by Karen Staudt-Cartabona, keeping watch.

Spring 2008, west side.

The path to the back field.