The Signs are Subtle

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I’m not sure Paisley was as happy to be with DeJay as he was to be with her again!

The signs of pregnancy are subtle until the third trimester. Puppies grow very little during the first 6 weeks of gestation; the last trimester is when most of their growth occurs. Paisley is on the petite side normally,  she has not be overfed, and tends to be lean an muscled, so up until now, the only signs of pregnancy are the development of her nipples – now you can feel them in the front, but more prominently in the back. Her abdomen looks thicker and feels firmer, and she is beginning to look “chunky”.  If you didn’t know her well, you would not think she was having puppies in three weeks! I don’t think her litter will be large though.



Vitamins we use.


DeJay and Paisley. He’s very happy to see her!

She is now being fed extra rations, according to the advice of Dr. Billinghurst (our dogs are fed according to Dr. B’s ground patties formulas for a raw fresh diet). She is getting 1 1/2 to 2 times her normal rations, the additional food being plain meat without the ground bones, a little liver, and sometimes an egg or two. She is also getting canine B complex vitamin, vitamin C and vitamin E. Although all the dogs get cod liver oil every day, we don’t give it to the bitch once she is bred and is confirmed in whelp. She’ll get it again once the puppies are born – too much vitamin A can be harmful while pregnant according to Dr. B.

CH Jantar Deja Vu at Majenkir

CH Jantar Deja Vu at Majenkir


Paisley, Mikaje Havre DeGrace O’ Majenkir, pointed. Sired by GCH Majenkir Bookstor Recurrent Theme at Mikaje out of Mikaje Amazing Grace O’Majenkir.

Paisley is still living happily out in the lightly heated quarters in the barn with her kennel mates Theo and Blondie, and having a lot of fun playing and running in the snow. She will be brought into the house and introduced to her whelping box next week, where she was born 4 years ago, upstairs in the nursery. She’ll move inside and learn to be a spoiled house dog until the spring. We have begun to get the room ready for puppies once again. We’re fortunate to have a nursery connected to the master bedroom here in this old house. It’s on the second floor, it’s quiet, and easy to heat. The bed has a roll out bed underneath so that I can sleep literally right next to the whelping box to keep a close eye on the new family especially at night. This cozy room has served us very well!


Paisley at 6 weeks gestation, 2/11/16.

We found out this week that Lexa, Paisley’s sister, is not in whelp, so instead of having puppies, she will be shown this season and hopefully will finish her championship, as she has already earned both majors. We are waiting for Blondie (CH Mikaje Majenkir White Mink), a half sister, to come into season so she can be bred while she is young. Still lots happening here at Highmeadow Farm!

The whelping room and nursery.

The whelping room and nursery.


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