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Picture at left is “Meadow”, Mikaje Majenkir August Meadow


I know, it’s been a long time between Snippets! Our web site was hacked quite a while ago, and we just finally got it back and working normally yesterday. Things at Highmeadow Farm are good. All the dogs are happy and healthy, enjoying the cooler weather.

This is the time of year when we hope for a litter, although we have actually been in the planning stages for a while this time. Meadow will be bred again and is due in season any time. She produced such a lovely litter with Theo that we hope to repeat that breeding, and as we did last time, we will also use the very handsome Majenkir Regal Heir, who is still here at the farm, waiting patiently for another try at fatherhood.

Meadow is young, only four – we prefer breeding at a young age, she had an easy whelping, and took great care of her puppies. She is a wonderful specimen of a correct Borzoi, moving effortlessly, seemingly without touching the ground, with breathtaking reach and drive. The best part is that her puppies move the same way. Her daughter, Emme, is an almost exact replica, so much so that we now have difficulty telling one from the other. She and her puppies also have the most beautiful heads and the blackest eyes, and Meadow’s shoulder, rear, and muscling make her so desirable as a brood bitch. So, we have fingers crossed that all goes as well this time with the  planned From Russia With Love litter. Richard, one of our new Borzoi dads, is helping to find real Russian easy-to-pronounce puppy names. He spent a year and a half in Russia, speaks the language fluently, and has already come up with a very long list of possibilities!

Soon I will finally be able to post updates on Meadow’s first litter, the Downton Abbey litter, who are yearlings now and well established in their wonderful new homes. It’s nice to be back to writing Snippets!Meadow1014

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